Originally, in 2013-14, the series was known asN!GHTCOROID and the creator of the series was only igmd73. In mid 2014, she deactivated her deviantART account and moved to a new one (Gayle99) and therefore also updating the N!GHTCOROID series into a new one:N!GHTLOID.

Nightcore characters are also Nightloids! They're nightcore singer/idol (supposed to be they singing in nightcore version/ mostly they had nightcore vocals) They look like they are very cute but somebody consider them, "scary, creepy and allergically plastic idols."  There a lot also the other names of nightcore characters: nightcore idol, NC idol, Nightcoroid, Nightcore diva, Nightstar, Nightcoreloid, Nightsinger, Nightvoca, Nightcaloid, Nightstepoid, Nightstyler and other more!

Nightcore is a band before and no lead singer/singer. Mostly now, nightcore as a genre of fan music such as chipmunks, and has few nightcore characters.No voice and concepts because some fans hate them and abandoned. Very first nightcore story labelled Nightcore Party Characters was published in Wattpad and has 50+ views but deleted in over a year. So everyone didn't like them and they not remember so much in many years to current. Now, I love also nightcore characters so I will handle them and give their concept and voice.

Based in the full list of Gail and Kellay, there were 500+ nightloids. Because, several appear in every series of nightcore, mostly in youtube. In the future, it can be a thousand nightloids than UTAU.


Gail Duran (gayle99), an autistic girl was became a nightcore fan after she was heard a song called "Whatcha say". She didn't know but she tried to make SS@ or Idol High but not desired.


Now Gail tried to make up a plan about nightcore singers series called N!GHTCOROID. They based off the crayola colors including special colors on web. he has mostly 1000 nightcoroids. It has G1,G2,G3 and G4. She tried also to make a chibi maker MS Paint called NicoMipo. She tries to make more videos of parodies called "ASDF Series and Like a Boss" However, it deleted for more dislikes.


Gail wishes to make a vocaloid collab called N!GHTCOROID x Vocaloid.However it became one of the videos got deleted. On late 2013, Gail hates Nightcoroid. Because, they look very ugly, they need to change their name and add more colors. They want their hair very wonderful and unique.


2014 is the death line of Nightcoroid. Gail replace a new account, deleting every nightcoroids, changed to nightloids on the following weeks and months. NIGHTCOROID is now N!GHTLOID. The result of today's Nightcoroids to became Nightloids are working in process. They seems their name change.Genders changed too. For example, Coco Clordine is now Choco Mocha. There are such two nightcoroids' names are mix together into a nightloid name. Two are Faula Fruitshake (Fluoresent Pink andThea Teamine (Pink Sherbet) whose names became Thea Fruitshake,a nightloid based on a tea fruit shake. There is a nightcoroid never changed his/her name. Example is Megan-SE.

The Nightloid series started its life in the quiz/story site Quotev in which Gayle99 had an account in. Meanwhile, Kellay (formerly Kellysinaga and mordecaikelly), who had known about the Nightcoroid series for a long time and unknowingly supported it (albeit she didn't know anything about igmd73/Gayle99) had a Quotev account and decided to go to Gayle99's profile, stumbling upon the Nightloid quizzes that she made. Prior to that Kellay also found a story on Wattpad about the Nightloids that she also took interest in.

Gail made a story called "Nightsingers" whose became the main character named Melodisca.Nightsingers/Primadonna arc Story-wise and as described in Nightsingers (story link above, and as of recently it has been unfortunately DELETED), some of the Nightloids come from Nikora (presumably means "night planet") The people there are half-alien humans and the planet is located in Andromeda.


Gail finally caught some nightcore characters. She shocked that all nightcore characters made by other users from 21st century and now are gone by deletion. Because of dislike and controversy.

Gail deleted Nightsingers (story link above, and as of recently it has been unfortunately DELETED), now she remake the version called "NIGHTCORE.EXE." In this story (link below) arc, the Nightloids are trapped in a game called Nightcore, a fighting/dating sim/RPG/action game (or simply, a multi-genre game) and turn "insane".

In a side-story named "The Antidote" (link also below) by Kellay, the Nightloids' sanity is restored.

Kellay decided to talk to Gayle99 herself on Quotev about the Nightloid series and her enthusiasm over it. Gayle99 accepted it, and Kellay decided to make a Nightloid story named Primadonna(formerly "Teen Idle", currently updating, but a bit slow because of Kellay's writer's block) Gayle99 also approved of it, and decided to make Nightcore characters together.

Gail released nightcore on July 2015, and the main character is Raye Nightcore, a rebelious teenager got bullied and revenge for the scary life.

However, Gail wants to delete NIGHTCORE.EXE and Nightcore for undesirable words and excitements. Gail followed a wattpad author for her reference and finally got Angel_Devil_Queen's nightcore story after defunct. She tried to finish the series until November 13, 2015.

The Nightloid series' main characters are mainly made by Kellay and Gayle99, due to their collaboration. But over time, there are also other Nightloids by others.

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