Nightcore is a horror story about cute idols that bully some fans after they cursed. It is based on the no.1 breakout genre, nightcore.


Stage 1

Volume 1

Raye Nightcore was lost her parents after they have made a place called "Nightcore". She was lived with some orphans in a mansion. But she was left.

Raye didn't like to go the class but she learned, however, she found a idol school. After ruining the authority, Raye became insane. She would like to act her parents. Because of that, she got busted. However after she finally fell, she lived in a place of nightcore. Unlikely, she give a loud cry that she lost in a world of burdens, Nightcore.

Volume 2

13 girls have a special elemental powers. A request for them about horrified plot and they attack..but they failed. Some thing what happens next.

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